Our History

The Community Centre has got a long and illustrious history. Originally a bedding factory, the disused building was occupied by local activists and the council was coaxed into buying it as a community centre.

Over the years the centre has been the site for a multitude of activities and in the late 1980’s it was the focus for a weekly live Channel 4 arts and culture programme called ClubX. This had mixed reviews to say the least, but showed an amazing collection of bands and artists from the Pogues, Jesus & Mary Chain, Gary Numan, The Happy Mondays, Nicholas Parsons, Danny Baker and even music pundit Paul Morley.

You can get a feel for the ‘car-crash’ nature of ClubX from the video above (the ClubX bit starts from the middle of the programme).

The old centre was the location of many ’80s and ’90s pop videos, such as the Sidney Youngblood ‘Sit and Wait’ video below, which included a brief appearance by our treasurer John Terry, and the ‘First Female Serial Killer’ video by Miss World which is available to watch on Youtube.


The old centre was briefly featured in the classic 1990’s Brad Pitt film ‘Snatch’ as did local pub The Jolly Gardeners.


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